Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paige thinks it is time to update the blog. I think so too.
What a wonderful New Year. All is well.
We have had 2 beautiful additions to our family, Jalee and Reed were married October 10, 2009.
Jessie quickly followed November 14, 2009. We have opened our new studio in downtown Mesquite and really life is great. Paige and Machelle are putting in their hours to help it work. We hope it takes off real soon. BettyJo, Reed & Jalee, and Nellie are all in Cedar right now. BettyJo is working and the others are in school full time. Lark is helping with the girls basketball team on the side and just passed her permit driving test so she is now behind the wheel of a car. She actually is a pretty good little driver. Emma is dancing all over the place, she has her first performance tommorrow. Darryll is working hard, he bought himself a new for him truck. We have been going on a lot more rides lately. It is a king ranch so we may have to buy him a pair of boots. I am just working but having the studio is really a wonderful thing. I tend to go home at night and just enjoy being home. Maybe I may now have time to post on my blog now and again.

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