Monday, April 6, 2009


We conquered the rocks in Whitney Pockets. It was a lot of fun to spend conference weekend at Whitney Pockets. I was determined to go, but the weather tried to stop us. The kids love to spend time there listening to the prophet. We went out on Friday night and the storm was a raging. We set up camp in the freezing rain. The snow was close. Saturday we listened in the morning and spent the afternoon in the ER. Lara (my niece) was taking her four wheeler out of the back of the truck and smashed her fingers really bad. But by evening we were back out with the kids. Ember learned about camping and she was pretty upset about the fact that Neil was able to stay and she couldn't. She is looking forward to going camping again. She asked Grandpa Darryll this evening on the phone if she could "go camping". I love the beautiful outdoors and and grateful to be able to listen to a prophet.

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