Thursday, August 6, 2009

The summer is quickly coming to an end. A lot has happened this summer. Reed came home on June 12 and was engaged to Jalee quickly there after. We are so excited an pleased with his choice. We love her lots. She fits right into the family. Nellie is now back in Cedar and I miss her dearly. She helped me so much this summer with my business. BettyJo is busy in Cedar still working at the credit union. She is doing lots of loans and finding joy in her work. Paige is now into her 5th month of this pregnancy. She is having a little girl. That will be so fun. I love Neil and Ember so much that I can hardly stand it. Casey has changed his major to nursing so he will be back in St. George this fall commuting and working hard to get his schooling done. Darryll is working hard to find work. There is not a lot out there but hopefully enough. Emma is using the computer and has her own blog. She is such a joy she has worked all summer for Paige watching the kids. Well I am again the loan photographer. I am starting to pick up work. I really am excited. We all are doing well.

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